Billionaire P.A. Reacts to African American Racial Questions

As public reaction to the Travyon Martin case and George Zimmerman verdict have shown, America still has a difficult time confronting — and even speaking about — issues of race. In May 2013, NPR examined the challenges of racial dialogue by asking people to share, via Twitter, questions they get asked about their race. The published results — in a piece entitled The Questions People Get Asked About Their Race — revealed questions that were awkward, offensive, and sadly, unsurprising.

Jimmy Nguyen selected some of the questions submitted by African American people, and posed them to Billionaire P.A., the inspirational young man behind the Wealthy Minds company. Watch his reactions in this video.

The goal is to examine the concept of racial literacy. Race should not be a taboo topic to be avoided in everyday dialogue. Rather, we can only improve race relations by learning to ask — and speak — more respectfully about each other’s race.