4 Parents, 2 Gay Dads & 1 Straight Son

A young straight man, Cameron Abdo, shares his true life “Modern Family” experience. He has two gay dads (his father and his father’s male partner), as well as a second set of parents (his mother and stepfather). Cameron talks about influences he has received from each set of parents and his own process of “coming out” to friends about having a gay dad. The ultimate lesson: raising a child is about giving love, no matter who the parents are.

Cameron’s story is not unique as we increasingly see LGBT parents raising children – creating more situations of a real life “Modern Family” rather than the traditional concept of a nuclear family. According to the Williams Institute’s 2013 study on LGBT Parenting in the United States, an estimated 3 million LGBT Americans have had a child and as many as 6 million American children and adults have an LGBT parent. And 19% of same-sex households include children 18.